About Us

Capital Law Chamber is one of the leading new-generation law firms of Bangladesh. The firm’s practice is predominantly commercial law oriented, providing comprehensive advice to clients ranging from individuals, banks, small business, and governmental entities to large privately held national and international corporations.
We understand that the economy of Bangladesh is growing. The banking and other financial institutions are playing a large role to facilitate almost every entities starting from individuals to large corporations to keep up with such growth. We are also aware that there are numerous potential complexities, mostly legal, which may arise due to rapid and continuous interactions between the said institutions and its clients. In light of such view, Capital Law Chamber is equipped with experienced legal professionals who are apt in providing the individuals as well as the organizations every possible legal solution starting from documentation to litigation.
Most of our lawyers have had their legal training from top law schools/ universities within and outside Bangladesh. They are also experienced to have worked in several leading law firms and have been part of some of the most high profile and interesting legal proceedings. We have also employed paralegals who are trained and experienced to conduct activities such as verifying land documents in sub-registry offices as well as in other related land offices, assisting in different kinds of registration with the relevant government organizations, and procuring various licenses and/or permissions from both private and government institutions.
Capital Law Chamber is currently enlisted with 29 scheduled banks of Bangladesh and we have been comprehensively serving over 100 branches of these enlisted banks. Other than banks, we also provide legal services to several non-banking financial institutions (NBFI), to educational institutions, and to organizations relating telecommunication and power sector.
Capital Law Chamber is always focussed on providing the highest level of legal safeguard to its clients. Not only we believe that this firm has the most upgraded legal minds but also it is a complete one-stop service centre for almost all sorts of legal complexities.